Give Sanctuary To Kids is a website that has been created to help raise money to Prevent Child Abuse in America. The consequences of abused children are profound and lasting.

The kids who endure abuse of any form are changed for a lifetime. They are often left alone to find their way through the darkness. Some of the abused kids are able to swim back from an island of isolation and secrecy and some are not.

Prevention is what is most needed. Everyone knows someone who has been imprinted by an abusive childhood. Everyone knows someone who could have had a little bit easier time of things had it not been for the abuse they had suffered as a child.

Music is a great escape and a great way to find connection for things that are unspeakable. Many abused kids find their way to Heavy Metal. Metal accepts everyone, no matter what they have been through.

Sanctuary was a metal band that was formed in Seattle, Washington back in the late 1980's. The music has lived on and continues to sell. 20% of all publishing royalties received for the two records originally released on Epic Records, Refuge Denied and Into The Mirror Black, are being donated to help Prevent Child Abuse in America.

You can help raise money to Prevent Child Abuse in America by purchasing Sanctuary music or clicking on the link below.

Our deepest gratitude, The Kids.